Climatic Testing Systems, Inc.

"I have worked with a lot of different insulated panel suppliers over the last 23 years. With all of the strange custom panel requirements that I have, I put Tafco at the top of the list for panel suppliers for the following reasons: highest quality workmanship, extremely knowledgeable Sales and Engineering staff that are also extremely cooperative and professional, as well as the Manufacturing Personnel being very innovative and helpful with every task that I throw at them. Working with everyone at Tafco is always a pleasure. Their product is a direct reflection of our manufactured product, and this simply means more business for them from our company."

Douglas E. Brace
Vice President
Climatic Testing Systems, Inc.

Allegheny Refrigeration Sales Co.

"Our organization has been selling Tafco walk-in coolers & freezers exclusively for the past 15 years. As a company which sells and installs 30 to 40 walk-in coolers & freezers per year, we can safely say that in terms of product quality and customer support, Tafco is hands down the best manufacturer in the industry. Tafco sales representatives have worked closely with our installation technicians to ensure that everything is designed exactly to specification and that the refrigeration systems are properly suited to their application. It has been a pleasure working with Tafco in the past and we look forward to working with them for many years to come."

Jack Heisler
Allegheny Refrigeration Sales Co.
Pittsburgh, PA


"Thank you for your continued dedication to providing high quality, custom refrigeration solutions.

ABCO Refrigeration has enjoyed being a loyal Tafco customer for more than 20 years. Tafco's commitment to manufacturing a wide variety of custom-engineered, high quality, walk-in coolers and freezers sets them apart from all other walk-in manufacturers.

Tafco's in-house engineers have helped us design walk-in boxes, as small as six-by-six, to large cold-storage warehouses. Our close relationship with Tafco allows us to work together with them to design many cold-storage applications.

Over the years, we have come to rely on Tafco's commitment to quality and responsive customer service. That commitment is an important component of our ability to provide ABCO Refrigeration’s customers with the very best products available today. We look forward to our continued relationship for many years to come!"

Paul Rebelo
Executive Vice President

BASC, Inc.

"For over 20 years I have been using Tafco as my supplier of insulated structures. As a mechanical contractor, and now as a mechanical consultant, we have tackled refrigeration projects with great success. The quotations I receive are always timely and accurate. The information and consistent, competitive pricing has contributed greatly to my success in the refrigeration business.

What makes Tafco an outstanding manufacturer of insulated panels is the consistency and reliability of their product. Recently, we had the opportunity to add on to a 14 year old freezer warehouse manufactured by Tafco. Their Engineering Department was able to look up the old job and determine exactly what was needed to extend the freezer. The panels were delivered as scheduled (even after a last minute change order) and every new panel locked together perfectly with every old panel, making the job an absolute success.

The most important, outstanding quality of Tafco is the employees. Everyone I have had the pleasure of working with has always shown a great sense of pride in the product they represent. That sense of pride is an attribute that really sets Tafco apart from their competition. Everyone is genuinely interested in the success of the customer using their product.

Thank you for all your support in contributing to my success."

Bart Andersen
BASC, Inc.

Gateway Kitchen Equipment & Supplies, Inc.

"Having installed multiple brands of walk-in coolers and freezers, I have come to realize one thing: Tafco walk-in coolers and freezers are at the top of the class. As a project manager for a food service contractor, there are a few main features and benefits I look for in installing a walk-in cooler or freezer. 

First and foremost, I like a walk-in box that is easy to erect. Tafco provides an extensive drawing for all of their walk-ins showing the panel layout and other assembly requirements so that questions during the building process are virtually eliminated.

Second, anyone who has built walk-ins before knows how important it is to have panels that are carefully insulated and built. Having seen Tafco's factory in Clearfield, PA, I know that the thought that goes into the assembly of each individual panel is second to none. Not one panel goes out the dock doors without being checked and accounted for, which again minimizes problems during field installations.

Now with that said, the third and most important feature I look for in a walk-in is durability and overall quality after installation and start up. Tafco not only provides an easy to build box, but one that will last and stand up to the test of time. Not to mention they are willing to work with their customers in situations where there might be a special circumstance on an individual job.

With all that said, one should be able to clearly understand, Tafco is not only invested in their product, but invested in their customers, too. I know times change and it is hard to keep up with the new standards, whether they are NSF, UL, etc. Tafco, as a company, is greatly vested in keeping up with, and in some instances exceeding, today's high standards for refrigeration. I know every time I build a Tafco walk-in I can say I appreciate the time and effort they take to make my job as a project manager easier."

Gateway Kitchen Equipment & Supplies, Inc.
Valencia, PA


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