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Tafco is pleased to introduce a new flooring option: 5-Bar High Performance Safety Flooring. This enhanced flooring is now available, in addition to the Diamond Plate Foamed option that we currently offer. 5-Bar Flooring has several safety advantages over other types of flooring.

  • This heavy-duty flooring can stand up to years of service.
  • More ridged for better support of heavier items.
  • Lower profile makes it easier to push carts over, reducing physical strain and making it safer.
  • Has better traction properties due to the increased number of raised points of contact.
  • Perpendicular 5-bar pattern provides superior slip resistance in all directions.
  • High strength, 10 gauge material thickness for years of durable service.
  • Aluminum alloy is corrosion resistant.
  • Surface area wears more evenly than other types of textured flooring, due to a lower profile.


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