Greener Solutions for Walk-In Switches!



Our new commercial grade motion sensor automatically turns on the lights without the hassle of flipping a switch. This sensor knows when the walk-in door has been opened and automatically turns the light on for you. Turning the light on is as simple as entering the walk-in. A programmable timer allows you to decide how long you want the lights to remain on after movement in the walk-in has stopped. This option is a great way to save on energy, while at the same time providing convenience and user safety.


The new interval switch timer eliminates wasted energy when the lights are left on accidentally. Simple settings shut the lights off at a pre-set interval. The interval can be set as short as one minute and as long as 18 hours. The switch has been designed with a warning light that flickers before the lights turn off. This allows enough time to reset the timer, assuring you that you will never be left in the dark. The timer switches are tamper-proof, as they have a hidden dial. You decide how long the lights stay on and ultimately decide how much energy you save.



The alarm and light manager eliminates the problem of the lights being left on and doors being left open, wasting precious energy dollars. The manager includes high temperature, low temperature, door open, and optional panic alarms. It also has a built-in light switch which includes an automatic shut-off option. This is the perfect solution to losing precious energy and money.




This combination light switch and thermometer comes complete with an easy-to-read temperature display, which can read both the Fahrenheit and Celsius scales. The waterproof elbow flip switch allows the user to turn the light on and off easily, even if they do not have a spare hand. The switch also illuminates when it is switched into the on position.



 This piloted light switch includes a standard flip switch and indicator light. It is easy to use as well as economical.


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