frostlogicFrostLogicSM Control is a significant improvement to most standard controls used on walk-in boxes. This control replaces the refrigeration defrost, fan, and temperature controls, plus adds light management, door ajar, and temperature alarms. The control keypad can be mounted at the door frame or at a remote location.

The biggest energy saving is with the defrost function of the control. The control monitors the box door openings, evaporator coil’s surface, discharge, and return air temperatures. This allows the control to determine the optimum time and length of defrosts. This results in a significant reduction of time that the coil is in defrost. This also results in a significant energy savings, more consistent box temperatures, and enhanced product integrity. This also allows box refrigeration sizing to be matched to the standard loads, not maximum load conditions, for additional energy savings.

The control can also be attached to a building energy management system where the box temperature can be adjusted to a predetermined setting. The control monitors the door openings for all the doors in the compartment, and if any doors are left ajar, an alarm will be set off. Optionally, when doors are open, the evaporator fans can be turned off. The control includes high / low temperature alarm functions, as well. If the doors are left open longer than a user’s pre-determined set time, the fans will come back on and the door ajar alarm will go off. The light management portion of the control will turn on the lights when the doors are opened and turn them off at a user defined time. The light can also be turned off manually on the control keyboard. The control is shipped with a key to restore system defaults if required.

  • On-Demand Defrost
  • Pump Down Feature
  • Energy Saver Mode
  • Simple Interface
  • Remote User Interface
  • Diagnostic Functionality
  • Fewer Defrost Cycles
  • Self-Adjusting Defrost Cycles
  • Minimizes Other Accessories

Box / Refrigeration Options for Additional Energy Savings:

LED Lighting – Does not contain mercury, nor produce ultraviolet radiation, nor contain any harmful gases, as does incandescent or flourescent lighting, thus is safer and results in energy savings vs. standard walk-in lighting options.

Vinyl Swing Doors - Stops 95% of air infiltration vs. 75% with vinyl strip curtains, thus reducing energy usage through reduction in air penetration with door openings.

Door Heater Wire Control - This control only operates the door heater when required, based on box temperature and humidity, and temperature of the box environment.  

ECM Condenser Fans - Reduces the condenser fan energy usage by 50%.

Floating Head Control - The optional floating head control provides up to 30% additional energy savings during low ambient conditions. This is achieved by allowing the unit to operate at lower operating pressures.

Electronic Pressure Control - Adds additional condensing unit diagnostic capability, plus additional condensing unit energy savings through fan management.

Optional Control Upgrades:

Panic Alarm - An illuminated panic button inside the box can be pushed to provide notice that someone is inside the box.

Two-speed Evaporator Fans - When the system does not require the fans to be running at full speed, they will idle down to half speed to save additional energy.

Condenser Coil Alarm - Will send an alarm to the keypad notifying that the condenser discharge temperature is too high.

Remote Control and Data Logging - This option allows you to record all the events that occur for the control, plus log all temperature readings, meeting HAACP standards through a standard network connection via a web interface. The user can track compressor run time, door openings, lighting, defrosts, alarms, and system temperatures. Plus, this adds additional diagnostic capabilities and allows the user to set up an email account to be notified of specific alarm conditions, and to schedule additional user defined events. Fax, cell, and phone connections can also be added for an additional charge.

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