panels 1Better panel fabrication means one thing: better walk-ins. The panels consist of urethane insulation, which is sandwiched between interior and exterior metal “skins”. This metal skin has been die-formed and gauged for uniformity in size. The edges of the panels are tongue and groove with Tafco SureLock fasteners, which are “foamed-in-place” during fabrication.

The panels are provided with NSF listed PVC gaskets, which are “foamed-in-place” on both interior and exterior sides of the panel. The gaskets are impervious to all stains, greases, oils, mildews, etc. They ensure an air-tight seal and also eliminate the need for seam caulking.

The urethane foam is bonded to the inner surfaces of metal pans, having an average thermal conductivity (K-Factor) of 0.13 TU/hr/ft²/degrees/Fahrenheit/inch. Also, the panels have an overall coefficient of heat transfer (U-Factor) of no more than 0.0312. As tested in accordance with ASTM C 518-2004, the R-Factor for coolers at temperatures of 55 °F is greater than 29.0 for 4” thick panels. The R-Factor for 5” thick panels is greater than 36.0. For freezers at temperatures of 20 °F, the R-Factor is greater than 32.0 for 4” thick and greater than 40.0 for 5” thick panels.

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FRP Panel SampleThe prefabricated urethane foamed panels shall be supplied with a Class 1 fire hazard classification according to UL 723 (ASTM-E-84), as tested by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Panels shall have a flame spread rating of 25 or less and bear a certified Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. label. 

Panels are offered with a wide variety of metal and other finishes. These include Galvalume, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, Embossed, White, San Tan, FRP, antimicrobial coated metal, and multiple color finishes.

leaf iconTafco prides itself in using CFC free foam.
This environmentally friendly foam is
100% CFC and HCFC free, with a
0% ODP (ozone depletion potential). 



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