Commercial Refrigerator featuring the Tafco U (Ultra) Series

The Tafco U Series Commercial Refrigerator is a premium model that is the most energy efficient of the Tafco Refrigeration Systems. The return on investment over the long run, in energy efficiency, is greatest with this system.

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The Tafco Ultra (U) Series Commercial Refrigerator has all the advanced features of the Tafco Eco (E) Series, plus ECM fan motors that use 71% less electricity than shaded pole motors, digital controls, and hot gas defrost, with demand defrost on the freezers, thus providing the ultimate in energy savings. These defrost four times faster than comparable electric defrost freezer systems. This prevents both unnecessary defrosts and steaming. This can avoid unsafe and costly ice formation on the floors, walls, and ceilings.

The Tafco Ultra Series Commercial Refrigerator comes with a one year warranty on parts and 60 days on labor. The refrigeration system incorporates a number of features which enhance performance, provide additional energy savings, and increase reliability over all of our other systems, thus saving you money. The design of this series eliminates the need for a refrigerant receiver by providing built-in storage capacity in the condenser section of the condensing unit. This small change allows for the addition of new features that are not possible in the traditional refrigeration systems. It actually gives the same size condenser up to 20% more capability by providing a potential 50% increase in condenser surface. This feature increases compressor size, and lower operating pressure provides an initial energy savings of up to 10%. This feature provides 30% in additional energy savings during low ambient conditions. Additionally, it also supplies sub cooled liquid refrigerant to the expansion valve to maintain optimum valve performance.

Tafco Ultra Series Commercial Refrigeration systems can offer energy savings of up to 50% over conventional refrigeration systems (see graph below). Tafco Ultra Series systems require up to 20% less refrigerant to operate, while maintaining continuous peak performance. In typical systems, the receiver, its outlet valve, and piping will create bubbles in the sight-glass due to the pressure drop they create. By eliminating the receiver and its piping components, the clearing of the sight-glass occurs much faster and with less refrigerant. The Tafco Ultra Series sight-glass signals when the ideal charge has been attained, thus saving refrigerant and its cost.

 Pre-Assembled Condensing Units Consist of the Following Parts Mounted:

  • Copeland semi-hermetic, hermetic, discus, or scroll compressors
  • Oil pressure control, where applicable
  • High and low pressure controls
  • Crankcase heater
  • Low profile galvanized steel housing
  • Fan cycle control (dual fan condensing unit only)
  • 115 V air defrost clock shipped loose
  • Floating head pressure control
  • Copper tube, aluminum fin condenser
  • Vibrasorbers (semi-hermetic models only)
  • Large electrical control panel
  • Compressor contactor or start kit
  • Liquid line charging valve 
  • Liquid line filter-dryer
  • Sight-glass with moisture indicator
  • Suction line filter
  • Liquid refrigerant sub-cooling circuit
  • Freezer adds reverse flow defrosts
  • Digital temperature and defrost controls with demand defrost 

Pre-Assembled Evaporators Consist of the Following Parts Mounted:

  • Matching low profile evaporators
  • Specially sized balanced port expansion valve(s)
  • ECM evaporator fan motors: 115 V coolers and 220 V freezers
  • True hot gas freezer evaporators. These evaporators do not require any electric heaters for defrosting the coils or the drain pan. 100% of defrosting is from hot gas. Use of these coils results in extremely fast defrosts with no steaming.
  • Liquid solenoid valve(s)
  • Digital room thermostat
  • Cooler evaporators are air defrost 

Pre-Assembled System Options:

  • Copper finned condenser and evaporator coils
  • AST coated condenser and evaporator coils
  • Adjustable defrost controls
  • Suction accumulator
  • Oil separator
  • Remote monitoring and control 

Pre-Charged Units Add the Following:

  • Correct refrigerant charge in the system
  • Reusable quick connect fittings mounted to the evaporator(s) and condensing unit
  • Refrigeration line set: 10’, 20’, 30’, 40’, and 50’
  • Evaporator voltage matches the condensing unit voltage 

* All Tafco Commercial Refrigeration Systems meet or exceed the 2007 EISA standards.


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