Walk-In Coolers featuring the Tafco P (T-Pak) Series 

Walk-In Coolers featuring the Tafco P Series Commercial Refrigeration Unit are a great option for those who are looking for a near turnkey solution. These units are pre-built, pre-tested, and relatively easy to self-install. 

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P 1The Tafco P (T-Pak) Walk-In Cooler Refrigeration System is a self-contained, drop-in refrigeration unit. It comes fully assembled and ready to mount in your walk-in cooler, allowing for quick installation times and minimal labor costs. Most units are supplied with a power cord so you can simply plug it in and begin cooling quickly, with no wiring or piping required. Since it comes fully assembled, there are no loose components to install. These units are factory evacuated, charged, and run tested to ensure reliable performance when they reach your location. The supply/return register mounts flush within the ceiling panel and provides for more storage in your walk-in cooler or walk-in freezer.

Reasons the Tafco P (T-Pak) Series is a Great Solution for Your Walk-in Cooler Needs:

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  • Top mounted
  • Indoor and outdoor units
  • All-in-one refrigeration system
  • Shipped factory assembled and tested
  • No piping or loose components to install
  • Factory evacuated, charged, and run tested
  • Adjustable digital electrical controller comes preset for typical cooler or freezer applications
  • Installs in a fraction of the time of a typical split refrigeration system
  • Condensate evaporated on indoor models so no drain line is required
  • Drain line heater provided for outdoor models
  • HACCP compliant controls
  • Electronically commutated evaporator fan motors use 71% less electricity than shaded pole motors
  • 2 year warranty on all parts 

Standard Indoor Features:

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  • Insulated evaporator housing, mill finish aluminum
  • Fully charged and run tested
  • Evaporative drain pan (no drain line needed)
  • Electronic controller
  • Filter and dryer, sight-glass and TXV
  • “UL sanitation” approved
  • Attached power cord on most indoor models 

Standard Outdoor Features:

  • Most features identical to indoor models, plus:
  • All-weather roof
  • Drain line with heater
  • Crankcase heater 

(Outdoor models not equipped with a condensate drain pan) 

* All Tafco Walk-in Cooler Refrigeration Systems meet or exceed the 2007 EISA standards.


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