Commercial Refrigeration System featuring the Tafco V (Value) Series 

The Tafco V Series Commercial Refrigeration System is the most economical of the Tafco Refrigeration Systems. This conventional “mid-level” model is reasonably priced, while offering a host of extra features. It is also more highly energy efficient when compared to other refrigeration system models. 

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The Tafco Refrigeration V (Value) Series Commercial Refrigeration System is built for high efficiency, lower compressor sound levels, and a compact low silhouette profile. The V Series is built like conventional outdoor systems. This series is available in both remote and pre-charged systems. Since all parts are mounted, installation is more efficient and cost effective. The V Series commercial refrigeration system comes with a 1 year warranty on parts and 60 days on labor. 

Pre-Assembled Condensing Units Consist of the Following Parts Mounted:

  • Copeland R404A hermetic, semi-hermetic, and scroll compressors
  • Weather proof control panel and housing with raised base
  • Copper tube, aluminum fin condenser
  • PSC condensing fan motors use 30% less electricity than shaded pole motor
  • High and low pressure controls
  • Liquid line assembly, dryer, sight-glass, piping to outsideV 2
  • Oil pressure control, where applicable
  • Suction and liquid service valves
  • Flooded condenser head pressure control
  • Receiver with outlet shut-off valve
  • Mounted electric defrost time clock in freezers
  • 115 V air defrost time clocks, shipped loose
  • Suction line assembly, filter, piping to outside
  • Vibrasorbers (semi-hermetic models only)

Pre-Assembled Evaporators Consist of the Following Parts Mounted:

  • Matching low profile evaporator to condensing unit
  • Expansion valve
  • Liquid line solenoid
  • Mechanical thermostat
  • ECM evaporator fan motors: 115 V coolers and 220 V freezers
  • ECM evaporator fan motors use 71% less electricity than shaded pole motors
  • Electric defrost freezer evaporators, 220 V
  • Air defrost cooler evaporators, 115 V

Pre-Assembled System Options:V 1

  • Dual matching evaporators
  • Oversized receivers
  • Insulated and heated receiver
  • Hot gas bypass, requires hot gas line to evaporator
  • Copper finned and copper pipe condenser coil
  • Copper finned and copper pipe evaporator coil
  • Receiver relief valve in lieu of fusible plug
  • Oil separator
  • Suction accumulator
  • AST condensing coil coating
  • AST coating evaporator coil

Pre-Charged Units Add the Following:

  • The correct refrigerant charge in the receiver for the system
  • Single use quick connect fittings mounted to the evaporator(s) and condensing unit
  • Refrigeration line set: 10’, 20’, 30’, 40’, and 50’
  • Evaporator voltage matches the condensing unit voltage
  • Wiring harness 

* All Tafco Refrigeration Systems meet or exceed the 2007 EISA standards.


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